Conceptual design, Front End Engineering Design (FEED), Detailed Engineering Design (DED), Drafting & As-Built Drawings (3D Modelling), Project Management.


Foreign and Local Procurement Services (Global Supply Chain Solution), Bottling Plant Equipment – Makeens Energy (Kosan Crisplant / Siraga), Sphere & Storage…


LPG Depot Development – On Turnkey Basis Comprising of Ship Berthing facility/Jetty, LPG Storage Spheres, Truck Loading Bay, Civil Works, Piping, Mechanical . . .


Most great companies start with humble beginnings, and Enerxia Engineering Ltd. is no exception.

Enerxia Engineering Limited was incorporated to provide Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services to the Nigerian Oil, Gas and Industrial infrastructural clients. Enerxia uses a flexible approach for building value to meet the diverse needs of each client. This approach provides a disciplined, client-focused framework that encourages and empowers management/employees to develop innovative solutions for complex challenges and to constantly improve their work environments and work processes.


Conceptual design
Front End Engineering Design etc


Sphere & Storage plates Manufacturer
Gardner Denver (Emco Wheaton) . . .


Marine Loading Arms
Molsieve and others


LPG Depot Development
– On Turnkey Basis


Foreign & Local Services
Bottling Plant Equipment


Catalyst Changeout
Filling Plant Installation & Maintenance


We're here to help you get started in the right direction with your project.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be Africa’s leading EPC turnkey-service provider always striving to deliver superior innovative FRP Composites, Infrastructure Protection and Environmental Technologies with excellence. Our track record has proven that regardless of all challenges, we deliver the work to the highest quality standards on time and on budget.

Our Mission

Our mission is aimed at being a successful global EPC turnkey-service contractor and technology partner, consistently and reliably providing competitive and sustainable solutions for our clients’ needs. This will be accomplished by leveraging our extensive understanding of highly engineered polymer composites, infrastructure protection systems and environmental technologies.

Values & Philosophy

We have a long history of doing whatever it takes to get a job done right, often accomplishing what other contractors said was impossible. This often starts with an in-depth understanding of our clients’ goal, then innovative performance that builds trust. These are the values that form part of the Enerxia common foundation of our corporate culture.